"cod4 console error"

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User Info: warbro1000

8 years ago#1
Hey guys.

I have an original copy of cod4. I installed it and the single player works fine. I can open multiplayer, but i seem unable to get a LAN game up and running. Which I click on start to begin the match, the screen goes black and the a window called "cod4 console" pops up. Once that happens, there is nothing that I can do. Please help me here guys, I really want to LAN a friend in cod4. I appreciate any assistance.
Play Station 3 Network ID : warbro

User Info: warbro1000

8 years ago#2
I'm running windows 7 by the way.
Play Station 3 Network ID : warbro

User Info: ghost117007

8 years ago#3


Im pretty sure you have to launch cod4 while leaving that console open. and then join it. my guess is that it will be under the server list under "Local"

User Info: predaturd

8 years ago#4
you have to setup a server, the console opening is the server software running on your ocmputer, if you cant just open another instance of cod4 while thats going on try using the xp mode of windows seven and see if you can run it that way(probably best to run the server software in xp mode for performance but im not sure.)

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