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User Info: GoldenEyeRouge

11 years ago#1

Dear gamers,

Many of you have gotten your stats reset on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I have too. Looking through Google and through my files I got an idea. They said it was due to a CD-Key change. Anyways, here is the solution. Check where you installed COD4. The C: drive, The D: drive or whatever. Then you have to edit the registry. Yes, I know it might be dangerous, but do exaclty as said here:

Vista users:

Type regedit in the serch bar of the Start menu

XP or below users:

Go to run and type regedit.

You will see the registry.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and then go to software. Click on Activision and then Call of Duty 4.

Click on on codkey. Make sure that it is the key that came with your game. If not, right click on codkey and then click on modify. Type in your CD-Key.

Now, remember on which drive you had COD4 on? Well, now make sure that all the other entries start with the letter of that drive.

In my case, C:

Ok, so if you opened cod4 and saw that your stats had been reset, COD4 will make a file in (whatever your drive is):\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\profiles\(your profile name

The file will be called mpdata.CORRUPT, though there will be another file called mpdata. rename mpdata to mpdataold

delete the .CORRUPT part of mpdata.CORRUPT

It should be called mpdata and is should be a file.

Open Call of Duty 4 - modern Warfare Multiplayer, load your profile and there you go!

I made this so that you could recover your stats, and not suffer like I did!


Questions, Comments, are all welcome!

User Info: fLASH_22

11 years ago#2
isn't it easier to just save the player file every few days or one time a week?

User Info: GoldenEyeRouge

11 years ago#3
No, good point actually, but this is incase your CD-Key or Registry Value gets changed. Replacing the file in this case would not work.

User Info: Skariaxil

11 years ago#4
What about Vista users?
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User Info: Dodyddd

11 years ago#5
This makes sense when I look at it.

If the CD key is incorrect or missing, the game will tell you that your file is corrupted or something to that effect. I've tested this before by uninstalling the game but making a copy of it before uninstalling. The registry keys are removed and running the game now in its naked state (no connection to registry) causes the mpdata to be labeled "corrupt" due to what I now assume is the missing registry key that holds the CD key.

So if people are losing their saves because this key has become unset for whatever reason, putting the key back in would be akin to re-installing it, saving time though.

The interesting part is what causes the key to become reset...

BF2142 had this problem where it kept resetting the CD key in registry. I hope it isn't the OS that does this.

User Info: GoldenEyeRouge

11 years ago#6
LOL I have vista!!!!! This works on it

User Info: GoldenEyeRouge

11 years ago#7

a lot of work and no comments... sad

User Info: kensu

11 years ago#8
doesn't that run a risk of getting you PB banned.
If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the solution.

User Info: Dodyddd

11 years ago#9
Why? You're only putting the CD key into the registry key it's supposed to be in. In other words, you're basically doing one of the things it does (creates the registry key, initializes the registry key to the proper value which is the CD key) when it installs the game but cutting a lot of time by doing it yourself.

If the key loses its value for whatever reason, putting the value back in (CD key) will not result in a ban. That's not how Punkbuster works.

Punkbuster bans on known cheat signatures, not awry registry key values.
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