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User Info: nouseforname

13 years ago#1
a guy or girl i cant tell... its scary

User Info: juggie01

13 years ago#2
it has a beard and the profile says male
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User Info: theatomicbug

13 years ago#3
he's a dude but he got an operation cause he wanted bewbs

User Info: SAX2

13 years ago#4
¯\(°_o)/¯ i dunno lol
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User Info: MarioBro24

13 years ago#5
I'm pretty sure he calls himself a girl/woman many times, but his profile says male, although everyone in the game is confused about it.... O_o;;

User Info: Tygore001

13 years ago#6
He also refers to himself as a gentleman in court, which makes me believe that nobody ever told him the difference between boys and girls.
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User Info: nomisty

13 years ago#7
hes a female with a beard.

when you get something right from the magatama interrogation or in court.. he screams like a girl

he also says hes a little girl on the inside..
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User Info: Mastercomputerp

13 years ago#8
Judge asked the same thing, armstrong replied that he is a gentlemen. **Screen flash**
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User Info: Raka_Putra

13 years ago#9
the 'man or woman' part in Kudo's 2nd written testimony is funny, IMO
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