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User Info: jackliu239

7 years ago#1

the evil ending is still one of the best in video game history.

User Info: khemeher

7 years ago#2
Well...the evil ending is certainly better than the other two endings. I can't deny that.

Best in video game history? Nowhere near as cool as the Sith ending to the original KOTOR, where you get all the power, all the ships. All the bases are belong to you, and the hot girl is your willing sex puppet.

User Info: No_Mega

7 years ago#3
At the time, the game mechanics of the mask just didn't give me the inventive to go that way.

Looking back, I wish I'd gotten the evil ending. In most games, the 'good' ending is also the 'right' ending. Here, though, being evil seemed to fit much more. I definitely agree with the OP.
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