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User Info: animuszx

7 years ago#1
As I was doing the Graveyard my Neeshka kept dying a ton, so now her max health is stuck at 4? Is that what the death penalty does? I've been trying to search for info but I can't seem to find out why shes like that. She's level 5 btw.
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User Info: DeuxHero

7 years ago#2
Nope, she's just caught something from one of the enemies. Forget if it was a disease, negative level, con drain or what, but she's caught something.
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User Info: TtrumpP

7 years ago#3
Its disease. You can cure it before it causes stat damage with a healer's kit. After stat damage, you need either the remove disease spell, or a potion of remove disease (bought at fort locke) to remove the stat damage. Also, it would have been better to ask this on the main NWN2 forum here. This forum seems rather dead compared to that one.
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