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User Info: KronikGamer

10 years ago#1
Does anyone want to get a match going online? I will be setting up a game around 6:00 Pacific time. My GT is xXCHRONDOXx hit me up.

User Info: -SourDieseL-

10 years ago#2
I'm currently offline (no high speed) - but should be gettin it soon I hope.

I'll add you when I do (don't hold your breath, could be a month) - but If you're interested, I'll keep this topic open.
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User Info: KronikGamer

10 years ago#3
No big rush I just bought for some easy achievements . Just add me and we can play whenever.

User Info: royal_to_be

10 years ago#4
Either me or my dad will possibly play you sometime too Kronik! My GT is in my sig.
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