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User Info: jobarules

13 years ago#1
i was just wondering if anyone else was encountering the same problem as me, everytime i finish the cog hill tournament in my 2nd year in career mode the entire psp system freezes. i must have done it over 10times, and every time the same thing happens after you win the tournament pretty much it gives me the opportuntiy to save the newspaper article or whatever you call it and then as i click to go on it just freezes. I have called gamestop and they told me they were unaware of the glitch, however, when i googled it, there was a lot of peeps in the same boat as me, the worst part is they all said that ea sports didn't care to help, they just gave them all a new copy of the game that did the same thing. thanks for your time, if anyone has any suggestions i would love to hear them.
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