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User Info: KarnRX78

13 years ago#1
I'm stuck on his dumb level in tiger challenge. The no matter what I do he sees to find a way around it. Anyone have a good strategy on beating him, I'm just out of answers here. Hate having to do this tiger challenge to make my skills get higher, I hope it's not the same in '09 because this is absurd.
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User Info: joeimpo

13 years ago#2
I hear that brother
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User Info: MorbidAngel23

13 years ago#3
Make him put a long put. I remember playing that one, I didnt try anything fancy.

I have only run into a one ball Tiger Challenge so far in 09. Was pretty easy

User Info: Bobspeed1

13 years ago#4
Put the ball near enough for him to have to go close to the hole, but far way so if he goes for it he will miss. So a little chip to the light rough near the hole on the edge of the green is good.

User Info: Bobspeed1

13 years ago#5
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