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  3. Few questions about money and targetting

User Info: Evil_Genius_9

13 years ago#1
1. Why do you earn money in this game? Is it just for career stats? Is it for some online stuff? Is there some sort of store I don't know about?

2. I notice that sometimes when aiming your shot, the outer rings of target circle are sometimes red, and sometimes white. Does anyone know why that is?
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User Info: philmaglassup

13 years ago#2

From the main menu you can get to the pro shop to buy new clothes, clubs, balls etc,

Its in my tiger - game face - pro shop. the new stuff you buy will help boost your attributes also.

As for the different coloured outer circles, I am not 100% but I think they may turn red when you are close to going in the rough, sand, water etc.

hope this helps

User Info: joeimpo

13 years ago#3
The circles have to do with your confidence level. The red means you golfer is not confident with the shot. Less red = more confident. It affect your future shots. If you take a lot of driver shots with high confidence then your shot circle will eventually get more narrow, thus increasing your accuracy with that shot. Play around with the fade (the L and R buttons while holding circle) to get confident shots to go where you want them to.
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  3. Few questions about money and targetting
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