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User Info: kapland

7 years ago#1

so i am trying to play this stupid game but everytime i click on the icon i have to download a stupid patch. i think im on my 9th patch download. its been 2 fn hours already. but now i have some relic downloader doing something???? everytime i click on the game icon its downloads the same patch. gettn really frustrated. why is this so difficult. will this game play after this relic thing is done doing what ever its doing??? or will there be a nother 20 things i have to do??

User Info: maximus_2

7 years ago#2

Hello there trooper

Yes, there are few patches for the game indeed haha..

but thats good that means they are fixing the things in the game.

so you just have to wait for download manger to get all the last patches I think its 5 of them there

just let it finish and then aplly them and you are ready to play :)

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