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User Info: maximus_2

8 years ago#1

Hello Fellow Commanders,

The 116th Panzer Division is looking for mature and friendly commanders!

To achieve our Full Potential as Wargamers via Training and Teamwork.

We are a wargaming clan focused on WWII and contemporary military FPS/RTS/ and FPSMMO games.

Currently we are deployed in:

World of Tanks
Company of Heroes
Shogun 2
IL2 Cliffs of Dover
Red Orchestra : Heroes of Stalingrad upon its release in Q3 2011.
Battleground Europe

(We also like to have a good time while doing so)

We are a multi-gaming clan but vCoH is our core game and we welcome new players to the game as well as experienced players.

Our requirements for membership are simple.

When you want to play a match with clanmates you are on teamspeak.Have a positive mental attitude and be respectful of others.

Come by and visit The 116th Panzer Division Website. Leave a message on the guest forums you are interested in joining or feel free to drop by our teamspeak3 server. (address 116.clants.net port 4143 pass stug)

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