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User Info: D40-88

7 years ago#1
3 questions:

Does anyone here have just the Opposing Fronts dvd and installed it without the original CoH game? If so, then my question is, is the original campaign gone from the selection leaving only Chapters 1 and 2? I ask since I just installed OF after the original so I have access to all 3 campaigns. I was curious because the OF DVD is over 8gb so I was thinking it included the original CoH campaign as well since the original CoH DVD was jut 4.7gb.

If I have just CoH and OF, can I apply those 2.5 and above patches that are under the ToV section of the game patches? Or is the newest patch I can get is 2.4? Same goes for CoH; can I apply the patches if I ONLY have CoH and NOT OF?

Does the improvements found in OF apply to original CoH campaign? I know the unit "path" that was introduced in OF are found in the CoH campaign but what about the weather effects and optimizations?


User Info: D40-88

7 years ago#2
Scratch the 2nd question since I noticed there are certain increment patches like 1.71 to 2.100 which are huge in size; I think these are to update games that do not have the subsequent expansions.

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