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User Info: Shadowrend456

8 years ago#1

I need help with installing Opposing Fronts. I have Comapny of Heroes Game Of The Year Edition and Opposing fronts (2 seperate games)

What i have done so far.

Installed CoH GOTY. Installed OF. After i installed OF neither game worked. Uninstalled them. Installed CoH GOTY. On the main menu of CoH GOTY i entered the serial key of OF and entered the disk. I can now play OF in sjirmish mode, the HUD of everything is now OF and the campaigns are now unlocked. The only trouble now is it says content is not installed properly when i try playing the OF campaigns.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Legend. CoH - Comapny of Heroes, GOTY - Game Of The Year Edition, OF - Opposing Fronts, HUD - Heads Up Display

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