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User Info: D40-88

8 years ago#1
Before I get this, I've been hearing a rumour that Opposing Fronts include the original CoH as well so basically I don't have to get CoH if I'm getting OF? Is this true?
Does this also apply to the Tales of Valor? Does this include the original CoH and/or OF as well?

User Info: S3rialThrill3r

8 years ago#2
You won't be able to play the capaigns of the original and Tales of Valor if you only get Opposing Fronts - just the content accessed in multiplayer mode. I recommend getting the Gold Edition which includes the first two installments and goes for a pretty decent price. Tales of Valor doesn't have much to offer, so you might want to get that one some time later down the track.
Then again, the anthology is also pretty cheap now.
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