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User Info: Warmonger357

8 years ago#1
While playing Company of Heroes: Opposing Front, if i play as either the British or the Panzer Elite, i dont hear their voices which is very irritating. In fact, even when they're under fire or just sitting there they wont even say a word.

NOTE: No error came up while installing CoH or registering Opposing Fronts.... help anyone?

User Info: I3lackI2ogue

8 years ago#2
do a complete uninstall
reinstall using the opposing fronts disc.

User Info: basketball579

8 years ago#3
check the sound options. check your sound drivers. check your patches. one time i downloaded a patch in german or something and all the soldiers talked in german. I realized I had downloaded the german version of the patch.
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User Info: Scottie_theNerd

8 years ago#4
It's not a sound driver issue. Missing unit voices for Panzer Elite and British units is the result of installing using the original COH game and adding the COH:OF serial key. The original game lacks the unit sounds for COH:OF, so you need to install using the COH:OF disc.
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  3. Help please with unit voices.
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