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User Info: Berubeto

11 years ago#1
why dont they release this really good series instead of that(sorry if its a little harsh) good for nothing Euraka (or Euroka) Seven....i regreted the very first minute i play that game

User Info: baka_angel

11 years ago#2
Eureka Seven is published by Bandai not Atlus.

Anyway, if you never seen the anime (Eureka) I think ppl will have a hard time understanding the game :)

The game mech (Eureka) is definitely not the best. I enjoyed playing the game nevertheless. Especially the LFO reffing battle parts ^^V

User Info: Zefirow

11 years ago#3
not to mention that growlanser isn't a very popular game in the us from what i can see

User Info: mkprovince

11 years ago#4
Eureka 7 is a nice game. It packs quite a story in such a miniature sized game plus the second game really gave me a hearty smile. Sumner is such an ass sometimes.
I just changed my personal arsenal to fifteen Metal Gear Ray...... And I'm looking for a target. Who wants to be one? You?

User Info: baka_angel

11 years ago#5
Hahaha, although this is not really an appropriate place to discuss it,
But yeah, he can be a real badass.
Holland is nothing compare to him (IMHO) ^^V
Moondoggy is pretty cool as well.
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