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User Info: Sufida

11 years ago#91
I think if the game suggestion thread on Atluss forum had this many more posts added to it, the mission would be more successful. Although I am more interested in Growlanser 1 PSP.

User Info: Pao24

11 years ago#92
" If Growlanser V were a stand alone game, I probably wouldn't care much, but since V and VI are more or less two parts of one story, it's pretty disappointing that we probably won't see the second part in English. "

This is really the main reason why I'm salivating for VI as well....

User Info: itslike

11 years ago#93
I wish V_V
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User Info: Vandermillion

11 years ago#94
Hell yeah, but am waiting for all their other games first =P

User Info: MR_Soren

11 years ago#95
A rallying cry threadon the Atlus forums will not work. They have stated it in the past. 100 people on a forum screaming that they want a specific game will not make it happen, because 100 people on a forum is not enough to turn a profit.

I think the best chance right now is for Growlanswer 1 remake on PSP to come over there. If we're really really lucky, maybe they'll do some kind of cross-marketing thing by releasing IV or VI on PS2 also, but that is highly unlikely since the previous releases sold terribly.
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User Info: seiryu2007

11 years ago#96
Guys,If you haven't visit PSP Growlanser forum lately,there's a forum recently opened at www.growlanser-realm.com,hosted by Lucethira,come check it out.

I wish we would see both GLI & VI get localized this year
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User Info: Ziegardel

11 years ago#97
I'm glad to see this thread is still alive.
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User Info: Lathander

11 years ago#98
Terrible sales? If I look up vgchartz.com, I see that Growlanser V did quite well compared to MANY other games they published in the US. Some games did not even sell 10.000 copys. Right now Ys I and II seems not even to reach the 5.000 mark...

User Info: hyrulelsl

11 years ago#99

User Info: DW7stillrules

11 years ago#100
signed, along with GL4 as well.

I hope GL1 is brought over here on the PSP as well and it is successful so they can bring the rest over.

Eventually they can make a GL7 and beyond.
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