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User Info: Skaldskaparmal

11 years ago#81
Wow, I'm surprised this topic is still around. Honestly though, since a year's already passed, I'm not getting my hopes up about it being released. If Growlanser V were a stand alone game, I probably wouldn't care much, but since V and VI are more or less two parts of one story, it's pretty disappointing that we probably won't see the second part in English.

User Info: Ziegardel

11 years ago#82
I won´t...let..this......



*signs again
"Our new ruler...the EMPARAH!!" --Goldman from House of the Dead 2

User Info: seiryu2007

11 years ago#83
Sigh,I just get to Atlus web site and sigh..........
If Working Designs is still alive,we may get this game and the others already
God bless you ,Working Designs.R.I.P
By the way, can anyone upload a complete save game before the final boss of Growlanser I
Again,can't let this topic die............

User Info: rippa_smith

11 years ago#84
signs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS GAME BETTER MAKE IT


and I wish 4 as well.......

User Info: Mordican

11 years ago#85
Signed ^_^
-No getting off the hook for free today, ladies, I'm not through playing. Besides, this time you might even give me a little sport- ~Albel~

User Info: seymoreasses

11 years ago#86
signs *sigh*

User Info: vaynark

11 years ago#87
Jade : "Your Majesty --"
Peony : "Shut up. Don't beg. I'll puke." (from Tales of the Abyss)

User Info: seiryu2007

11 years ago#88
I'm here.......again
Can't let this topic die..........again
Must find a way to revive it............again
Nothing can make you a hero but destiny

User Info: Kakomaru

11 years ago#89
Well don't worry, I would post before this topic would get archived. :p

It's just kinda quiet here, but that's to be expected.
"We made ripping an arm of a giant with the teeth something fun and poetic."
~Ueada In Fake Interview Concerning ICO + Gears of War

User Info: Hours_Left

11 years ago#90
With the news of the enhanced port of the first Growlanser on PSP, that might renew interest in VI. It would all help if everyone posted on Atlus' official forums in the suggest a game section. There is a topic for VI (and I PSP) there too and that would get more attention than this board.
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  3. Sign here if you think Growlanser 6 should be released to the US
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