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User Info: Gamers_armada

12 years ago#1
I'm kind of new here and I think this game should be released here. It's a great game series that should keep being continued. Sign here if you think it should be released here.

User Info: Ziegardel

12 years ago#2

User Info: Kakomaru

12 years ago#3


User Info: AdoruX

12 years ago#4


User Info: Lucethira

12 years ago#5

User Info: erk13

12 years ago#6
heck yes but sadly it looks grim atlus just anounced persona 3 fes wepdedo i hated persona 3 i had to force myself to play so i just traded it in also magna carta tears of blood sucks as well
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User Info: AdoruX

12 years ago#7
Atlus already has like 5 upcoming games to be released before Summer 08, that could explain why they're postponing this (if they even have the intention of releasing it). I would also like to see Etrian Odyssey II released. Come on Atlus!

User Info: GameCoder

12 years ago#8
Signed. This one is a MUST since it's the sequel to HOW.
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User Info: Dimon101

12 years ago#9
Yo~ Why not make a petition to Atlus USA about this? I made one for SEGA to get Project Altered Beast released here! I only got about 50 signatures, but im still hopeful....

So whoever posted this originally, make a petition dude! It worked before in the past!!!
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User Info: Cronorei

12 years ago#10
I emailed Atlus USA a few weeks ago about the chances of them picking up any other Growlanser games to release in the English market of the 3 that haven't been released yet and was told that 1 most likely won't be since it's a PS1 game, but that IV and VI have a very good chance of being picked up in the next few months.

Which I have to say is much better looking than the usual replies you get in emails that boil down to "We have no known plans at this time/Unable to say anything/Etc"

I mean it's nothing definite but it's nice to look forward to
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  3. Sign here if you think Growlanser 6 should be released to the US
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