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User Info: dchan

11 years ago#1
what plays stop the run?

and are there ways to tell if the other player is going to run or pass?
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User Info: wraithmaster84

11 years ago#2
the ones that stop the runs the best are bliztes, and as for being able to tell if they will run, just look at the formation. if they have 2 running backs in the backfield, then chances are that they will run, but not for sure. if they have 5 wide recievers then for sure they will pass, or do a qb sneak. you just have to guess most of the time
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User Info: dcamp27

11 years ago#3
I use man-to-man coverage to stop the run. It doesn't always work.

User Info: Djwlfpack9

11 years ago#4
I stop the run with base defenses. Of course, the CPU seems to run <10 a game, so it's not like I have to worry about the run defense a lot.
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