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  3. I've officially found the online loophole ***WFC related***

User Info: Rej72380

11 years ago#1
For some unknown reason, there has been a glitch found in the DS version of Madden NFL 08. Basically the glitch works in multiplayer, which also includes the WiFi Connection games. The glitch is that if you are on defense and you don't select a defensive play within the time allotted, it will disable the passing controls for the opposing quarterback.

I've discovered this illegal glitch while playing against an online opponent just now. He was using the same glitch to try and nullify my passing game as the Cheifs. Fortunatly, a couple weeks earlier, me and a friend were playing single-card multiplayer and he had his defense in some way to where he nullified my passing game. When I saw him not selecting a defensive play, I though "does he know anything about football?" That's when the glitch ocurred.

Do us all a favor, people--Never use this glitch and always select a defenisve play when playing multiplayer.
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User Info: Cabbageface

11 years ago#2
If you don't want people using the glitch, why did you give instructions on how to do it.

P.S. If you tell me where you keep the spare house key, I promise not to rob your house.

User Info: banksotu67

11 years ago#3
Yeah exactly, telling people how to do the glitch but telling them not to use it; is the equivalent of telling somebody you have $1000 dollars under your bed and you leave your door open when you go out for the day, then telling them not to steal your money..

User Info: NEVER_MESS101

11 years ago#4
false info i tryed it and the dude i was playing thrrew a 90 yard TD

User Info: AJM_Ruler

11 years ago#5
How is the online in the DS version? Any roster updates?
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  3. I've officially found the online loophole ***WFC related***
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