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User Info: 2deluxe

10 years ago#11
There's allways the American developed Ultramix/Universe series to fall back on. They get a lot of new content but most of them are terrible lol!
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

10 years ago#12
for ps2 releases, this is how it is.

max US- 66 songs
6th mix CS- 43 songs

max2 US- 69 songs
7th mix CS- 73 songs

extreme US- 71 songs
festival- 66 songs

extreme 2- 74 songs
strike- 52

SN US- 79 songs
SN JP- 84 songs

SN2 US- 72 songs
SN2 JP- 83 songs

so looking at it, half the time, we get more songs than them. as for unreleased games, lets look at this. some equivalent games were released, as i've already stated. so saying things like "4th mix was never released in the US" is just dumb. also, despite being 2 games, extra mix and party collection are just ways for konami to rip off japan. almost half the solo songs in extra mix were in 4th+, all the 4th+ songs in it were in 4th+(and petite love didnt even show up), then there were 5th mix previews. party collection was just a ton of licenses and KOs in extreme AC that could have been put in extreme JP plus 5 new songs. these mixes were just a way to make a quick buck. think you have it bad in the US because you get different song lists? atleast they havnt done that to us twice(or even once).

US never got 2nd, 2nd DC edition, club 1, club 2, club DC edition, best hits, oha sta, DCT, TKD, extra mix, 5th mix, extreme JP, or party collection.

japan never got DDRPC, DCE, UM1, UM2, UM3, UM4, uni1, or uni2.

equivalent games-
1st mix=1st mix(we have an AC release of this)
3rd mix=DDRUSA(AC game)
3rd mix=DDR(PSX game)
4th mix=konamix

so yeah, there are equivalent games, games that werent given to the other region, and better/worse games on both sides. get over it.
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User Info: TripMachina

10 years ago#13
What I had hoped you realized, n00bsaib0t, is that US versions have almost NOTHING on the JP versions despite number of songs. I agree with you on DDR Party Collection (as I've already pointed that out in my previous posts) being a way for Konami to 'collect' a quick buck, but DDRExtraMIX was an awesome stand-alone game with nearly 100% new content. It was a PS1 game, and it was a great idea to release since putting all of those songs and stuff on DDR4thMIX would have been neigh impossible due to limited PS1 disc space.

If you've watched some of the videos that I posted, you'll notice how you can't really say 'equivalent' for US ver. VS JP ver. I mean come on, look at DDR US (PS1) and DDR3rdMIX (PS1)'s song comparisons....and even DDRMAX US and DDRMAX JP's song comparisons. CLEARLY, the amount of songs have hardly anything to do with the ACTUAL content of the disc; I'm speaking on features, songs ported from AC, characters, modes, etc. It's not the amount of songs, it's HOW GREAT the songs are. Most of the best DDR songs in existence are from the older games, when Dancemania thrived.

So, to sum it all up in a more 'simplistic' way:

US almost always gets a mixed bag of older songs; usually causing the songlists to have more of the same repeats, hence, songlist is around 60% new songs; 20% old songs (new to most US players who don't know the song is old); and 20% old songs (most US players recognize from previous releases).

JP almost always gets the arcade port; usually causing the songlist to have more songs from the latest arcade machine, hence, songlist is around 90% new songs; and 10% old songs.

Side Note: In the past, Konami of Japan always released their DDR CS games a while AFTER the machine is released, and then Konami of America would release their DDR CS games later....up until DDRSuperNOVA. DDRSuperNOVA series was Konami of America's creation, hence why the opposite happened this time around.
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User Info: 2deluxe

10 years ago#14
I was going to import this game till I saw (MASSIVE SPOILERS). . .

26 repeated songs total, 6 of them are Groove Radar specials but their original versions are also repeated (i.e. B4U appears twice, one regular, one special). Couldn't they get some of the Konami Originals from Universe 4 instead? CHOCOLATE PHILOSOPHY, GIRI GIRI DADDY, that MGS Acid song, Sockem! Or Universe stuff? I'm gonna say SN2 US > SN2 JP, it may be closer to the arcade version but I thought the US version is better set up. We got a killer licensed list and they didn't.
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

10 years ago#15
Mokohoshotsophia, youre talking to me as if i dont own these games. i have 1st-5th PSX including best hits, club 1, club 2, disney, oha sta, DCT, TKD, and extra mix. i have 6th-SN1 for PS2, like i said,i cant get SN2 till pay day. to tell me that extra mix was all new content was a ridiculous statement. everything in it was 4th+, solo 2000, solo bass, or 5th mix(which was out in AC, so the songs arent really "new"). to tell me to watch videos you posted to see the games is absurd, i can put them in my ps2 and tell you whats on them.

and i know its not quantity of songs, but quality. i was talking to the guy that keeps saying that japan gets more songs in each mix when i posted song counts. either way, max US is better than 6th mix. look at what it has over its japanese counter part- oni mode, foot ratings, club version songs, 7th mix songs, old songs, 6th mix songs, and new content. compare this to 6th mix CS in which you get a bunch of 4th CS songs again and some new content. i think max US wins by a long shot.

and its not KOA thats making supernova. KOJ is in charge of that, and betson distributes machines in the states. your "theory" on why we are getting the game first is flawed for the fact that we have had our game first since extreme US was released before festival. this trend has been doing on for a few years now.
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User Info: TripMachina

10 years ago#16
n00bsaib0t, when I spoke of ExtraMix having damn near 100% new content, I was speaking in terms of CS release. ExtraMix was the first CS game to have all of these Solo 2000, 4thMIX PLUS, Bass Mix, etc. songs; most of which (after years) STILL haven't been repeated. I can't see how you could think that it was just a way for Konami to milk money out of consumers because none of those machines had a CS counterpart. Konami did us a favor by placing nearly all of the songs from the machines into one CS release, thus making up for not releasing DDR Solo 2000 CS, Bass Mix CS, etc. The cost is less for consumers since it's just one CS release as opposed to if Konami released a CS release for each machine. Even to today, DDRExtraMix is still one of the best CS releases in DDR history; the music is too awesome. Party Collection is the REAL money milker---92% old songs; 8% new songs.

As for DDRMAX US vs DDRMAX JP, I still don't think that the US version is better despite the additions; I've played both games and have compared enough to suit my opinion. The many awesome 6thMIX songs on DDRMAX JP got the better side of me as opposed to the many ancient revivals/mixed bag of DDRMAX US. Honestly, I've played enough 22DUNK (BM, BMIIDX, DDRClubVerVol.1, DDRClubVerVol.2) to not want to play it again, even on an updated interface...and this is just one of the old revivals that appears on DDRMAX US. Moreover the reason why DDRMAX US is best suited for the deprived US audience who don't know better.

As for the DDR AC world, DDRSuperNOVA was KOA's idea...I can recall them saying stuff like "We're starting over after 6 years blah blah" and stuff like that. Of course KOJ had some things to do with this, but the overall concept was with KOA. In the final version of DDRSuperNOVA AC, had you noticed that the little spinning logos that showed a song's album/origin in a song's banner have suddenly NOT been included? EVERY DDR AC machine that came from KOJ had these little song album/origin logos near (or on) a song's banner. KOA was notorious for removing these, especially in CS releases, as NONE of them had such things.

Addressing you on CS releases, DDREXTREME US was released BEFORE DDR Festival, yes, but they are two different games with similar interfaces, but that doesn't change the fact that DDREXTREME JP was released nearly a year before DDREXTREME US, which was supposed to/envisioned to be like DDREXTREME JP, which it was not. In what you were stating, I believe it was a new interface being released in the US first and then later being released in Japan. Songlist differences were too radical.
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

10 years ago#17
about extra mix, if konami was so nice they would have just skipped 4th CS and released 4th+ CS. include 4th, 4th+, solo bass, solo 2000, and all that stuff from 4th+ that hadnt seen a CS release yet. they should have done the same thing with 3rd mix, the korean songs STILL havnt seen CS yet. i know that they wouldnt necessarily release it in japan, but there wasnt even a 3rd mix korean CS in korea for got sakes. rather than include this kind of stuff in the games they should, they either dont give it to us, or make us buy it in an extra game despite it being in the AC version of the previous CS game(this applies to both extra mix and party collection).

as for max US vs 6th mix CS, i really dont see the "awesome" 6th mix songs here. i mean, 6th mix CS is a good mix, but it lacks so much in terms of music(however the step charts are pretty stellar). most of what makes it so good can be found on 4th mix CS(songs what were put into 6th mix) and 5th mix CS(preview songs of 6th mix, but still, its all the good KOs from it). if we are looking at it as a new to CS stand point like you are, all thats new to 6th mix is kind lady, so in love, max300, candy, the trues, and the licenses, right? if you have max US, 4th CS, and 5th CS, where is the need for 6th mix? justify my love and fantasy? thats about it really. maybe if youre one of those guys who really likes cow girl you can add in another song, but most of the songs on 6th mix are popular because they are hard, not good(somewhere over the rainbow, lovin you, etc). given what they both have, i think max US blows 6th mix out of the water, and with every passing US mix, where is less and less need to import 6th mix if you dont have it(so deep in max2 US, freckles in SN1 US, etc).

on to SN AC, "were starting over" came from KOJ when extreme AC was released. i cant really check the AC versions right now, but on all the home versions from festival on, both JP and US, it says "Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc", aka KDEI. this isnt KOA, but the branch that made the xbox games(formerly KDEH, konami digital entertainment hawaii). everything that goes into their games is approved by KOJ, such as interface, licenses, KOs, transplants, etc. so yeah, we were both wrong on that. still though, it makes me wonder if they chose not to put the xbox material onto the AC versions, or if KOJ wont let them. i mean, they put it into xbox and ps2 games, why cant more of it show up in SN AC? why cant they fill in missing charts for still in my heart momo mix or wild rush from non-stop megamix in the AC versions, why cant they put in giudecca? why could doll make the cut at 2 minutes long, but not music to my head or in my eyes midihead remix? i have some researching to do i guess, i want to know this stuff. KDEI said themselves on DDR freak that KCET has to approve what they do, so why isnt the product better than this?
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User Info: freakcubed

10 years ago#18
"If you really want to know, read the thread on it over on ziv"

what the hell is ziv ?

User Info: Kyzentun

10 years ago#19
freakcubed: zenius-i-vanisher.com
The forums have a thread on SN2 japan that's ~40 pages long (almost). It's got practically all the info you'd want for the game, short of the fine details a walkthrough would have.
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