for games with monthly fee i am bored with wow and ff14

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User Info: chicksboii

9 months ago#1
hey all how healthy is the game right now? i haven't tried the new expansion i left after two months of playing the base game. Is this better than ESO?

User Info: ellis123

9 months ago#2
The game is just like before: alive pretty well in the game in pretty much every zone, but very much so in line with other major MMOs in whatever the newest zones are (they've just finished the Living Story stuffs, but for a while now they've been coming out with a new map every couple of months). Raiding has finally come out with its big draw, the Legendary Armor, so people are far more into the "scramble to get it" phase or the "I'm utterly done with raiding" phase than previously. All in all it's still in the top 10 for western MMOs in terms of player base, and you can definitely feel it if you play during normal times (RIP my ability to play it during a time when NA players are on ~.~).

As for better... that's a hard thing to really quantify. Would I say it's better? Yes. Would I say that it's really comparable? Not really. The game is very different than ESO and comparing the two really only holds weight when it comes down to being an MMO at all. Gameplay in both is very different, and the styles in which the world were put together are very different. I will admit to never really playing ESO, but what I have experienced really doesn't work to compare at all. Better would be to just play a bit (you have an account) and get your salad tossed by some of the newer stuff like Fractals and whatnot and see if you like the direction they've taken. Generally speaking most everyone agrees that things have gotten better on the PvE side of things (PvP hates the "you must go Elite spec" side of the balance and WvW didn't care for their new map but have generally liked all of the misc. changes that came in the process... ignoring the guild hall drama + banner drama I guess...).
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