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User Info: Catalyst0

9 years ago#1
Hey, there! As excited as I am about this game, I'm not really aware of the lore. I was curious about which profession/race combos make the most sense lore-wise. I do know that the human queen is a mesmer, so I take it (but I could be totally wrong) that humans would be the best race for a mesmer if you care about lore in that sense. If this is incorrect, which race is best suited for the mesmer? How about the elementalist?

- Much thanks! :)

User Info: Shadows_Of_Fall

9 years ago#2
Really...they all make sense. The only combinations I DON'T see making sense are:
Charr Guardians-The whole protective thing doesn't click for some reason (to me at least)

Norn Necromancers and Mesmers-I have trouble seeing big Norn as masters...though they are spiritual and respect nature so no undeath and illusions seems cowardly for such a proud race

Asuran Warriors and Guardians-I hate to say it but...too tiny

Sylvari Engineers (or gun wielding Thieves and Mesmers)-Plant people super connected to nature using guns...I just can't see them choosing a gun over a bow.

Now, those are just MY opinions of race/class combos. So there may very well be lore which changes my opinion and Asura Guardians or what have you.
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User Info: DkzH

9 years ago#3

Well a Charr Engineer, a Sylvari Ranger, a Norn Warrior and basically all Human scholars (Ele, Necro and Mesmer) makes perfect sense lore wise. But most profession/race combos make sense in one way or another.

But scholar classes don't really fit Norns and soldier classes don't fit Asura. 

User Info: KirynTheCleric

9 years ago#4
Warrior - Basically any race, even sylvari and asura. There are some asura warriors in GW1.

Guardian - Human, maybe norn. I honestly have trouble seeing any other race play as one, as the other races aren't as spiritual as the humans and norn.

Ranger - Any race except asura. I see asura more as the "subjugate nature and put magical engineering in everything" type race, not the friendly with nature type.

Thief - Any race except norn. Typical norn are really big on honor and stuff, and I don't think they'd see a thief as a very honorable style of profession.

Engineer - Charr, asura, and to a lesser extent humans. I think this one's fairly self-explanitory.

Necromancer - Any race except norn. I've seen too many charr necromancers for me to not accept them, there's an asuran necromancer in GW1, sylvari have death fetishes *spoilers at bottom*, and FREAKING HUMANS.

Elementalist - Any race, except maaaaaaaybe norn. I still have trouble seeing norn as "stay back away from the danger and cast sparkly stuff at your enemies" people. Flame Legion charr kind of shove charr eles into your face, asura and sylvari seem fairly obvious, and FREAKING HUMANS.

Mesmer - Same as the other scholar classes.

This is just in my opinion though.

;_; Kileen
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User Info: supertoasterz

9 years ago#5
I can actually see a Charr Guardian pretty well. I don't remember when or where, but there was a review saying that the Guardian didn't draw its power from a divine, but rather it was the manifestation of their devotion to a cause. Be that cause the spread of peace, or the spread of destruction.

Charr being as loyal as they are to their legion, and even more-so with their warband, I find it easy to think that one might go down this route to help them survive.

As for what race best suits the Mesmer? Honestly, probably any of them. You can think up some interesting backstorys for figuring out why your character would chose to walk the path of the mind. A few off the top of my head:

Human: A devote follower of Lyssa, who is the patron god of Mesmers. Simple here.

Charr: Possibly a torturer. In the siege against Ebonhawke, they need any information on any weakness to their defenses. Under physical pressure, a soldier might just die or even lie. Prying their mind and tricking them is much more effective and reliable.

Asura: Take the idea of "Mind over Matter" to the next level. As the books, you could be researching technology that better helps you control various creations with thought rather than basic elemental magic.

Sylvari: As naturally curious beings, it would make sense that one might pursue the path of a Mesmer. Not only do you want to see the rest of the world, you want to know the inner thinkings of those that live in it too.

Norn: A Norn believes in his own Strength. Fights for glory. While those around him might take to flexing their muscle, their's little they can do against his mental attacks.
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User Info: NightLike

9 years ago#6

I think they all work i my opinion, except theif-asuran cause it would just look foolish... in my op. And sylvari engineer? They are a brand spankin new race what are they doing with high tech flame throwers. A little out of their element if you ask me...

I think the class that makes mose sense is norn ranger, reguardless of their warrior background.

On a side note is it just me, or does the Theif seem like **** compared to the other classes? I mean this was a previous shadowform class, its suppose to be badass and difficult. Though they got the difficulty right - so it seems. Just seems like everyone is assassin these days except the Theif. Was my favorite class, now its my fith.

User Info: DkzH

9 years ago#7

NightLike posted...
 On a side note is it just me, or does the Theif seem like **** compared to the other classes? I mean this was a previous shadowform class, its suppose to be badass and difficult. Though they got the difficulty right - so it seems. Just seems like everyone is assassin these days except the Theif. Was my favorite class, now its my fith. 

I think they have a blog post coming this Tuesday with some updated information on the Thief. You might wanna check into that. 

User Info: NightLike

9 years ago#8

Yeah i will, but seriously i dout a few tweeks can fix this mess. The mesmer is a better assassin then the theif at this point and with a greatsword at that.... wow someone in nc sure picked favorites!

User Info: Diovid

9 years ago#9

People need to step away from the Norn = physical combat thing. In the lore it is well established that the Norn value spell casters a lot. Norn value anyone that can do great deeds, whether that's through physical or magical means doesn't matter. What does matter is that someone does it without being dependent on someone or something else which is why they do not like Engineers who rely on automated weapons and turrets.

The only race that has any problem with casters at all are the Charr. However even they accept casters as being useful. The only profession they really look down upon is the Guardian according to interviews, the combination of heavy armor and heavy weapons on one hand and being defensive and using magic on the other hand is not something Charr understand.

Humans are fine with any profession, of course. There might be a bit of a taboo on necromancy (as seen in GW1 and the novels) but nothing major.

The Asura probably look down the most on the Warrior. Guardians use magic. Thieves and Rangers might actually also use some magic and are more indirect professions anyway which should appeal to Asura.

Sylvari also seem ok with all professions. Yes, even Engineers. They are a currious race of individuals bent on experiencing and learning as much as possible. They are not above eating plants and animals. They might have a problem with how Charr produce all their weapons (mass producing factories with no regard to nature) but they have no problem with guns in general.

User Info: RDB26

9 years ago#10

Diovid pretty much beat me to what I was going to say. Everyone thinks that Norn only value physical strength, but those that follow the Raven also value cunning and intellect. A Norn mesmer who can trick his foe into defeating himself is just as heroic as a warrior. Granted, Norn that follow the other spirits may not agree with that mentality.


And thief in my opinion makes sense fo the asura. Aren't they always running around trying to steal eachother's work?

I think ANET designed the races and professions in a way that any combination makes sense lore-wise. Races definitely choose professions for different reasons, and some combinations may not be apparent at first, but I can't think of one combination that contradicts the lore.

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