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User Info: Nohosioko

11 years ago#1
For further notice to anyone that may be listening, I'm just talking to my
self since I'm bored...

Chuukana Janshi Tenhou Painyan Remix is a Mahjong game, which is a popular
form of gambling in Japan and China, and a small fan base in America... (The rules are different around the world)

Main Menu:
Start from beginning
Difficulty Settings
Omake/Extras/Specials (call it what ever you want)

Difficulty Settings: (I don't see much difference, but Kyuubi spams a lot in Hard)

Music Jukebox
Past Conversations (Basically you can start over from any point in the game)

Rin-RinRin's Special abilities
Instant Win (Deals 48000-98000 Points)
Riichi Next Turn Win (Activates when you declare Riichi, but doesn’t go away till you win, AKA if the Kyuubi (Nine-Tailed Fox) uses the Round Reset then you won't lose the Riichi skill)
Ron Protection (When you cut a tile and the opponent declares Ron, getting the winning tile from you're cut, you can negate it)

Partner Specials (from left to right on the character pick screen)
Yayoi; At the beginning of the turn you can get 3 of the same tiles (A waste in my opinion)
Misaki Toshi-zo; Has something to do with the Dori/Dead wall when you declare Kan (A waste in my opinion) [lol Misaki's first name got censored by GameFAQs >_<)
Tanuko; When you need one more tile to win (in Tenpai) and its in you're opponent’s Cut pool, you can use it and declare Ron
Abeno Suzune; When you win a round you can increase the amount of point damage
Marii; When you're opponent declares Tsumo you can negate it by forcing them to cut it
Reeko (you can't start with her); When you need one more tile when you draw, you can use it and declare Tsumo (winning by drawing the tile you need)

Enemy's Special
Hajamaru; Forces you to cut the tile you just drew
Reeko's "mom" (she's in a western purple dress); She gets complete Ron protection (that includes Tanuko's Special)
Kyuubi; She has two
-Auto Tsumo, its like Rin's Riichi Next Turn Win, but she can use it when not in Riichi (but she's almost always in Riichi anyways)
-Round Reset, She'll only use it (to my knowledge) when she gets a really bad hand and you declare Riichi (you know she has a bad hand if she makes an unhappy face)

To get the "True" end you need to unlock all of you're partner's abilities and fight the Kyuubi

Pressing Triangle will bring up the Rules but I don't really need to explain those do I?

In Game Start Menu: (Aka Preferences)
Partner Plays For You Off/On
Skip Special Animation Off/On
Something Or Other (doesn’t really matter)
Auto Riichi Play Off/On (Since all you can do during Riichi is cut until you Tsumo or Ron, just turn it on it saves you a lot of bother)
Something Or Other (doesn’t really matter)
Auto Save On/Off (when you turn it off it'll prompt if you want to save or not, just turn it on, its faster)

Winning Hands:
1,9,1,9,1,9,N,E,S,W,B,G,R (this is Tenpai, you need one double to win)
All Numbers
All Dots
All Bamboo
All Directions
Counting (I.E. 123, 567, 789)
Full of Pairs (Eyes)
Full of Triples
Full of Quadruples (never seen a hand like this)
Blank, Green, Red
North, East, South, West, Blank, Green, Red
Any Combination of the 5 above
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