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  3. Any body else get 900 MS points messages today?

User Info: Indistructable7

10 years ago#1
I had like six people on my friends list send me messages that just said 900 MS points. No body said what it was for or anything. Whats the deal?

User Info: synchroscheme

10 years ago#2
Same here. Don't even know some of 'em. No idea.
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User Info: Brutalitor

10 years ago#3
Maybe to glitch to lvl 100? I dunno...

User Info: Liquid_capsule

10 years ago#4
Do they have all the rank achievments? if they are asking you for MS points tell them to **** ***, I'm sure there are plenty of people who will do the glitch for free.

User Info: violent_spinal

10 years ago#5

I got it, though the guy was not someone who's on my FL.

User Info: Mottaaja

10 years ago#6
I read on Gears2 forums that there's a scam chain letter or something going on where u supposedly send this message to a bunch of your friends and you get MS points in return.

User Info: -eddy-

10 years ago#7
I got one 900 message.
I'd like to see the source of this.

User Info: afflack123

10 years ago#8
same with me

User Info: Bleed_Blue4Life

10 years ago#9
me too
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User Info: ai31337

10 years ago#10
i got this , and apparently if u send this to 900 people you get 900ms , JUST STUPID dont fall for it
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  3. Any body else get 900 MS points messages today?
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