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  3. Wow... The Azure Palace got moderated...

User Info: thaWUNandonly

10 years ago#31
You try private messaging that lead developer guy on the LBP official forums? Sam_Protagonist?
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User Info: ineedaname88

10 years ago#32
i dont think any company would be happy with losing their fanbase......

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User Info: MrCheese4321

10 years ago#33
There's blood stains in one of the story levels. The one with the hot air balloon.
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User Info: JustinTimberlak

10 years ago#34
You try private messaging that lead developer guy on the LBP official forums? Sam_Protagonist?

I did. This is what I wrote.


I apologize if I come off a little rude here, but what in God's green earth did I have in my stage that violated ANY of the following:

You agree that you will not create, transfer, share, send, submit or upload any User Generated Content that:
(a) is protected by copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret or otherwise subject to third-party proprietary rights, including but not limited to rights of privacy and publicity (unless you are or have permission from the rightful owner);
(b) contains fraudulent statements or misrepresentations that could damage SCE or any third party;
(c) contains any statements or materials that disparage, ridicule or scorn SCE or any third party;
(d) is obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, predatory, pornographic, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or encourages conduct that would violate any law or is otherwise inappropriate;
(e) is an advertisement or solicitation of business;
(f) is an impersonation of another person; or
(g) violates any of the rules of Online Conduct, other terms of this Agreement, terms of the PSN Terms of Service and Usage Agreement or any other terms related to this game

Please, watch this workshop of my stage and tell me if you see ANYTHING that violates a, b, c, d, e, f, or g.


If you're going to gig me for the blood, then I suggest you patch out The Terrible Oni's Volcano for the blood stain stickers on the spikes and the ground. I also suggest you patch out the meerkat strippers in that Meerkat Kingdom stage as well. Why not patch out the drinking references while you're at it.

If it's for the www.lbpcentral.com in my description, it's not a business. It's a freaking fansite dedicated to the LBP community.

I invested a huge amount of time making The Azure Palace to not only be original, but to shift the gameplay of this wonderful game you guys made. Besides similarities to underwater stages in general, there is nothing directly taken from any game/movie/etc. If there so happened to be one, the terms of moderation are by far extremely irrational. The user is given no chance to change certain aspects of his creation to conform to said rules above. WE'RE NOT EVEN GIVEN A FREAKING REASON AS TO WHY IT HAPPENED!!!

If I had blatantly known that I was infringing on these said rules, then I wouldn't be typing this message. I know why my Red Rings of Burninating stage was moderated and I am cool with that. Yet, as to why the Azure Palace was moderated is freaking ridiculous.

I really supported this game, I really did. I played the beta since it came out and was even able to grab a retail copy early. It gave the player the ability to create what was in his head without having to know programming, etc. Mm had done a tremendous job of making the player feel awesome while experiencing good 'ol fashioned fun with others. People loved playing my stages and it gave me more of a reason to make more complex ones, hoping to push the limits of what this game can do and how it can inspire others to strive to make better levels in the future.

But if this is how you're going to treat creators in general, then I don't see why I should continue playing/creating/sharing.
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User Info: Phazor58

10 years ago#35
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator because it was offensive to moderators]
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User Info: thaWUNandonly

10 years ago#36
No offense, but as mad as you may be I think coming across in that tone is not the way to win somebody's favor. It did get the message across, but I wish you the best of luck that they really do see your message and understand your plea. I also would have mentioned something about possibly moderating each and every player, because with attempts at creating custom costumes (like Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, etc.), they might as well remove the entire customization feature.

Simple customizations features have been going on for years in gaming...the fact that this much moderation is going on doesn't make any sense. One of the higher ups must be a little paranoid. I think Sony might be trying to plan ahead and cover their asses ahead of time before Nintendo or Microsoft (or anyone else) decides to take advantage of any legal issues.

I wonder how they feel if Final Fantasy tributes were made when they are promoting its characters. If I make a Sephiroth-esque Sackboy, would they moderate it, even if there is an actual Sephiroth Sackboy? Hmm..
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User Info: siquall77

10 years ago#37
Erase azure palace ?

They must do erase all spam comments in history level (heart for heart, blabla... ) and no losing time like that :o

User Info: KBK7101

10 years ago#38
Wow, this is just getting pitiful. A reason at least Mm, come on. That was a GREAT level, completely original as wll. One question though, will my level (work in progress still) get modded if its the story mode SUPER condensed to fit in one level?
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User Info: KBK7101

10 years ago#39
*as well
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User Info: Dark Gunner

Dark Gunner
10 years ago#40
I don't get why they're so worried when things like people creating Cloud or other FF characters, or any number of other character in games like Soul Calibur 4 are never even thought about as copyright infringement. When you put in a custimization feature you have to expect things like this, and everyone has usually been ok with it until now, I don't get that. Its not like Sony is creating mario levels on LBP saying "now you don't need to buy Nintendo systems because we have the same levels!" so I don't get how Sony would be at fault.
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