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  3. Wow... The Azure Palace got moderated...
JustinTimberlak 13 years ago#1
I went to go check my stage and see the high scores. Guess what, The Azure Palace is no longer there. Then a couple minutes later, I get a message saying it was moderated.

FOR WHAT?!?!?!

If it's for the blood stains, that's freaking petty. There's no copyright infringement that I know of. Mm give me a good reason as to why I want to spend more time with your freaking game after putting a ton load of hours into that stage.

I'm done with this game.
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MoosofFire620 13 years ago#2
...Can you get moderated for the blood stains (you know... just using the red paint thing >_>)?? Because I'm about to make a horror level, and... well.. yeah, that sucks if it's true
Coinspinn3r 13 years ago#3
that place was awesome...
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MH_sief 13 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
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Duel_Mage 13 years ago#5

ball buster
jakisthe 13 years ago#6
...what? that seriously makes...like no sense at all...
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NinjaGuerra 13 years ago#7
and green hill zone 3 is still on there last i checked....
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Jokey665 13 years ago#8
Did you have a backup copy?

Also, I doubt it was for blood stains, there are some of those in the story levels...
JustinTimberlak 13 years ago#9
There was no copyright infringement at all. There's nothing in that stage that wasn't original. Sure I used references to underwater things here and there, but there are no symbols, monsters or what not that can be confused with something else.

If it's the blood stains, I call for their Ninja Castle level to be patched out of the game because there's blood stains there too. This is full on stupid.
gamertag: Donkey SH0W PSN: gevurah22
Anabuhabkuss 13 years ago#10
dont get frustrated. find out what happened before giving up. they gave you no specific reason?
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  3. Wow... The Azure Palace got moderated...
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