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  3. Possibly worse than Big Rigs?

User Info: SemiMaster

12 years ago#1

I just realized this game came out Sept 18th. It was just reviewed like two days ago...


User Info: Squall7491

12 years ago#2
That doesn't seem likely, because Big Rigs has a gamerankings score of under 1.0 if I recall correctly.
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User Info: EJ902

12 years ago#3
Of course it's worse than big rigs. It is completely impossible for a game to be better than Big Rigs. However, this game seems to be up there with all the WINNER games like ET for the atari 2600, Superman 64, Shaq-Fu, and of course Big Rigs.

User Info: uwnim

12 years ago#4
I almost died reading the Big Rigs reviews.
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User Info: Variaz

12 years ago#5
This game seems quite WINNER! But not as much as Big Rigs.

Still, if you've got a Wii, this is probably amongst the best games you can get. That and Puppy Luv, which is made by GameMill.
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User Info: EDavis

12 years ago#6
I'm not even sure if Big Rigs was even a game. It was more like a cruel joke for all those who (on the early side) proclaimed that Superman 64 was the worst game ever. Bigs Rigs is merely a game engine with some paint on it and enough filler to make it look like a game.

User Info: kirbyparufo

12 years ago#7
In my opinion, this thing is nowhere near as bad as Big Rigs. At least you can (barely) beat this game.
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User Info: _Lacey_

12 years ago#8
Big rigs was 10x worse.
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