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1 year ago#1
this is actually the first layton i ever played (besides the phoenix wright\layton crossover...which i didnt give a fair chance).
got to say that the puzzles were a lot easier...atleast from what i played. the pacing in the crossover bugged me...since i am more familar with phoneix wright then layton (ended up trading it in, playing 1 hour tops). i just started DB, and even after using 3 hints...still couldn't solve 2 of the puzzles without a guide. sometimes i even messed up on a really simple puzzle first try, but solved it on the 2nd (with no hints).
the instructions are presented to look like S.A.T. questions, which makes my head hurt when it's just math (otherwise its fine for the most part),
im just at the start, right after you get the hamster. so was a little surprised after it was pointed the more "points" the puzzle is worth...the harder it's meant to be. which isn't the case at all. ive found puzzles worth only 10 "points" a lot harder then a couple of ones worth 30.
given it's probabally because the style of puzzles. i haven't found the intrusctions unclear, or anything like that.
few questions....if you quit a puzzle that is too tricky (and dont feel like cheating with a guide)...are you able to progress story-wise, and solve the puzzle, and get all the "points"?
how much is the game is straight up math questions (puzzles where you input the answer by writing the correct number?)
my guess is that i am going to use a guide on every puzzle that is just straight up math.
would be embarassing if i couldnt finish this game, since i want to start other puzzle genre games (zero time dilema series).
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amiibos are over-rated. you shouldnt need to spend 30 extra bucks, to get a few unlockables...and a glorified action figure.

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