Puzzle 47 seems flawed to me

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User Info: Ice Gargoyle

Ice Gargoyle
5 years ago#1
This is the mayoral candidate puzzle. The text in the puzzle says the candidate needs more votes than any other candidate to win. While I naturally felt they'd need a majority to win, I ignored that when I read the text. It ended up being misleading and that the candidate did need a majority.
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User Info: TheGuidingLight

5 years ago#2
It does say that "a candidate must get more votes than any other candidate"

Importantly, it also states (which some players overlook) that you need to work out the fewest number of votes a candidate needs to "secure victory with certainty" (being the least number of votes needed so that it wouldn't matter how the other votes were split)

If a candidate received 14 votes, for example, he could win but this is an insufficient number for the candidate to be certain of victory (since it would depend on how the other votes are split)
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