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User Info: Halladay32

6 years ago#1
Can anyone explain why that window is correct? I don't know if the puzzle is slightly ambiguous or just too open to interpretation since it's based entirely on a crude picture, but I see no reason why that window is the right one over some of the others...
I hope this isn't an indication of the type of puzzles I'm liable to encounter in this game ._.

User Info: TheGuidingLight

6 years ago#2
Simply apply what the letter says to each of the windows

As the first hint points out, since music is heard coming from a nearby window, it's not going to be the window that the music is coming from

The letter also mentions a flag fluttering gently outside the window, which eliminates more windows (someone, for example, in the top right flat would see clothing instead of a flag)

The flat also has a view of the sunrise, which eliminates any window in shadow (being the lower windows and all of the windows on the right facing wall)

There is only one window that satisfies all of the conditions

Professor Layton and the Last Specter DS Illustrated Walkthrough

User Info: Halladay32

6 years ago#3
Thanks for the fast reply, I wasn't sure if I'd get one considering the state of this board ^_^;

Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I have no issue with the music clue, but the other two still seem a little vague to me, although I was obviously just thinking about it way too hard. (i.e. My train of thought was: Since he mentioned turning his attention to the sunrise after seeing the flag outside the window, he therefore was not viewing the flag from the same window as the one from which he can view the sunrise)

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