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User Info: gamerman6534

7 years ago#1
I am thinking about buying The Orange Box or Team Fortress 2 WITH Garry's Mod. I borrowed The Orange Box from my friend on Xbox and beat all Half-Life 2, all the episodes, and Portal. I was just getting into Team Fortress 2 when he wanted it back. So now I am thinking about buying it off Steam because I have always wanted to get back to PC gaming (I use to play James Bond Nightfire online and I enjoyed it). I am also going to get Garry's Mod because I am an aspiring machinima maker and wanted to make some Gmod machinimas.

The reason I am choosing between The Orange Box and Team Fortress 2 (remember... I already beat all the games except TF2 so I don't see the need for buying The Orange Box... but...) is that I am wondering if you are able to get the half life characters in gmod as well as the TF2 characters without buying half-life... help would be appreciated...
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User Info: JohnnyTHM1212

7 years ago#2
I don't think that they'll come pre-packaged in gmod (I have the OB so they did with mine, and I can't say for sure how it works without all the games) but you should be able to find the NPCs, ragdolls and objects online without too much trouble (as well as many, many other things :] ). They just might not be in it when you fire it up for the first time.
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User Info: Kiro96

7 years ago#3

As far as I know you NEED to have Half Life 2 in order to play G-Mod and the other games just add extra models. If I were you I would get the orange box with G-Mod. I have already played through portal, HL2 and the episodes 3 times and im thinking of starting again.

User Info: Krendog

7 years ago#4

You do not NEED Half Life 2. You just have to have any Source engine game. G-Mod does come with the HL2 ragdolls and other items.

User Info: NPX190

7 years ago#5

My bad, I was referring to the old Gmod, before STEAM.

User Info: NPX190

7 years ago#6

Uh, yeah you do.

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