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User Info: dante_croft

13 years ago#1
I finished the remake with Maria, but when I tried the same thing with Ritcher I realize how much average he is!!!! He has only his flip-back...He doesn´t have even a slide!!!!!!!!!!
I´m wrong or Ritcher does really have only the whip and sub weapons? Because Maria has two slides ( what is very useful), has a special move (she summons a "shadow"), has a excellent double jump (much better than Ritcher flip-back) and has much more powerful sub-weapons (like the dragon).
If Ritcher has more tricks in his sleeve, please someone, tell me!!!!! Or I`ll be in serious trouble finishing game with him...

User Info: semianonymous

13 years ago#2
nope, richters attacks do slightly more damage, and he can take more attacks than maria, but beside that, nothing special

User Info: CyberDragon10K

13 years ago#3
Richter becomes awesome in 4 or 5 years time. :/

User Info: bcornelia

13 years ago#4
Richter is designed for those who are familiar with the design of past stage-based Castlevanias, while Maria is for newcomers who are looking to complete the game easily.
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User Info: burnfist23

13 years ago#5
Yeah, Richter was designed to make the game more challenging to players. Choosing Maria would be like choosing easy mode, whereas Richter would probably be normal mode. Even with less abilities, though, I prefer playing as Richter.

User Info: dante_croft

13 years ago#6
I understand now. Maria is much more powerful than Ritcher, then the game difficulty is "easy".
Ritcher is a bit strong than Maria, but lack (and much!) in abilities, then the game difficulty is "normal-hard".
It´s like in SOTN: Alucard mode is a "normal" mode, with moderate difficulty (unless you have patience to gain many, many levels) . Ritcher is a "hard" mode, because he has more abilities than he had in Rondo of Blood/Dracula X Chronicles, but he still is only average. Maria is an "easy" mode, because she is very strong, with infinities jumps (like Alucard) and has POWERFUL magics (like in Dracula X Chronicles, where she defeats a boss with a single special blow - triangle button).
I´ve written this topic ´cuz Ritcher in Castlevania:Portrait of Ruin is much stronger than in Rondo of Blood/Dracula X Chronicles, with an easy and efficient gameplay.
Thanks! I´ll do my best to finish the game with Ritcher, after all, he is the second of my favorite Belmonts (after Sonia, number one ^.^).

User Info: BiohazardX3

13 years ago#7
Maria is easy in SoTN? She's so fragile...
And remember, if it's red it goes three times faster.
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User Info: dante_croft

13 years ago#8
I think so. Maria is very strong in SOTN. I finished the game with her in 1/2 time than Alucard, with a high percentage (+ 200%). Her heal spell is wonderful, and her invincibility magic is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Very, very, very, very good! Ah, the Dragon Spell in SOTN is like a Knights of the Round (FFVII), extremely powerful. Her air-kick (f,f+attack) destroy several enemies in a row. She has the super jump and triple jump!You lose with her only if you want...

User Info: DestroyerX1

13 years ago#9
The hell?

Richter doesn't need no flashy moves to get the job done. Hell, it's about time you see a dude kick some ass in such a casual way.

Screw flashy moves.

User Info: Jlikew00t

13 years ago#10
Richter doesn't need no flashy moves to get the job done. Hell, it's about time you see a dude kick some ass in such a casual way.

Hell yeah! That strut is pimping and his non-chalant attitude doubles his bravado!
=) oooh floor pie!
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