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User Info: sfmgirl1990

10 years ago#1
I have gotten to five stars but I am now stuck as the Mayor keeps talking about her niece in another town. Has anyone found her yet?

User Info: Tilly21

10 years ago#2
She is the major in the Wii version so you don't need to worry about her.

User Info: 1touchyds

10 years ago#3
really? hmm, i haven't heard about her least i don't think.

User Info: GertySnerty

10 years ago#4
When you talk to the Mayor she mentions her niece Rosalyn sometimes but nothing ever comes of it.

User Info: rainbowsis00

10 years ago#5
Tilly21 is right its reference to the Wii also the baker will talk about another chef he's also in reference to the Wii game

User Info: MacBookAir

10 years ago#6
Yeah the two people mentioned by the chef and Mayor, which are:


Are :
Rosalyn: MySims Wii Mayor
Gino: Chef who comes after your first star

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