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User Info: Tmaster148

11 years ago#1
Okay, on Shipwreck Cove I try to walk on the rock over head over the water then i have to jump down onto a crocodill, I'm having a hard time to land on it,

does anyone know the best route to get past this part?
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User Info: JScofi

11 years ago#2
The key is to make sure your right above the crocodile. When you go in any direction, you really go like, two steps at a time. This can be corrected by starting going right then going up while still holding the d-pad. this way you can ensure your properly over the crocodile (once you've gone down to the edge of the screen). Another note is to make sure to land on it when it has it's mouth closed. Once you've landed on it, you can simply jump to the right and get to the next landing.
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