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User Info: MistraLY64

9 years ago#1
If any of you guys have the Check Mii Out Channel/Mii Contest Channel, you can take a look at some of the Miis I made of the characters.

Conan Edogawa (C.E.) 7284-5414-0830
Richard Moore (R.M.) 8026-3329-7447
Rachel Moore (R.M.) 0378-2835-6462
Jimmy Kudo (J.K.) 4039-0916-7295
Inspector McGuire (I.M.) 5945-8192-2528

If you like them, you can favorite them if you want. Also, I can make more characters if anyone wants me to.

If you need help on how to see them, I'll tell you.

1. In the Posting Plaza, click on, "Popular" it'll bring up a list.
2. Click on the magnifying glass.
3. Up top where it says, "Set Conditions" click on the button on the top right. It'll say, "change".
4. Enter any of the numbers you see above and you should be good to go!

I hope you like them. Some were kinda hard to make.
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