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9 years ago#1
First you have to find the boats which are stacked beside the entrance too the underground passage of the annex on floor 1. Then go into the underground passage and go up to the gate, make sure your walking or else the actual info wont come. Once that's done, go up to the 7th floor and into the room where you will see two guys standing there. Talk to one of them (I chose the left hand side guy) and he will tell you that you need a password to get into the controls or something. Once he tells you that the hard part starts, getting the passwords. The password is Utako but even if you know it, there is no event where you just write the password. First you must find all the possible passwords which then lead up to the real password from Mrs.Wexford. There is one one the first floor from that stand-up comedian guy, he thinks it's money. Then you go to the third floor and talk to the reception girl and she tells you that Mrs.Wexford has it. Then you go to the second floor to where Utako, Chase's wife, is and she gives you a password, thinking it is Metropolis or something. Then go to the floor with a guy in a tux near the window just standing there, he thinks it is Metropolis or another thing (its either he says metropolis or Utako says metropolis but both people give you a different password). Then go to Mrs.Wexford and she will give you the password. Once that is all done then you go to CJ and she will tell you to use the air duct in the control room. Then you just go inside the room a short cut scene will appear and you can continue on with act 3 and that GODDAMNED EVENT WILL NEVER OCCUR AGAIN ..... unless u start a new game. :)
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