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Darly Grind SC (spoilers! Maybe)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 ]
DragonFistAbysi1352/8 10:03PM
Casino Gambling tips and tricks.Anime_Fan3522/7 12:23PM
Is it possible to win the duel near the end of the game? *MAJOR SPOILERS*OrangeCrush980112/25 6:37PM
Question about difficulties for NG+GaelicFlame48/14 7:42AM
Played the first game some 6 years agoMelhisedek35/23 8:10PM
I'm finally playing this game. Any tips/tricks or things to keep in mind?culture_den35/21 9:29AM
Question about the Data Crystals deciphered by Capel [Ending Spoilers]666Kefka66614/8 2:32PM
Am i the only one who was bothered by the dr**** storyline?666Kefka66643/18 5:45PM
How hard is the rest of the game on hard - trying hard on a second playthrough666Kefka66622/23 6:40PM
One thing I don't like about these monster jobs (Spoilers)goroh1611/28/2018
Theme song similar to FF10?rpggamer29112/25/2017
I feel so powerless when Kloe isn't availableBaldwinGlendale211/3/2017
Why Xseed did "americanize" some names ?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Julia or Mueller for the 4th party member ?BaldwinGlendale310/28/2017
Just started this game, is Carna playable ?BaldwinGlendale210/23/2017
Huh. Is it weird if... (Spoilers?)Xean_Liteheart210/18/2017
Quartz guide for my teamMaaza59/11/2017
I command this board nowzaneomega248/10/2017
Qustions about Zane/Kilika/Waltermademan227/13/2017
Are there big effects on NPC stories due to completing/avoiding quest? SPOILERSRygon36/6/2017
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