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User Info: DriftRS

10 years ago#1
I'm sure most of us realise this, but sadly the wikipedia community in general does not seem to understand what survival horror is, and continue to label L4D survival horror no matter how many times it's fixed. Apparently they're just going along with what the first person said.

If you can go here


And try to talk some sense into them, or just read it to understand the sort of foolishness going on.

User Info: Zero17

10 years ago#2
Why does it matter? Really...if someone were interested in this game, they'd go to Gamefaqs or similar to read reviews. People who rely on wiki to see how good a game is...well, they're morons, plain and simple.
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User Info: Ptah_Khnemu

10 years ago#3
Who cares? It's close enough.
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User Info: apathy101

10 years ago#4
Valve themselves define Left 4 dead as a horror game, and there is no doubt that it is a survival game... I don't see a problem with calling it survival horror. Oh, and here is a link to valve site, describing it as a horror game:


"Left 4 Dead is a co-op action horror game for the PC and Xbox 360 that casts players in an epic struggle for survival against swarming zombie hordes and terrifying mutant monsters."

User Info: bob123126

10 years ago#5
How is this game NOT Survival Horror?!
Your protecting yourself from zombies trying to survive by escaping whatever given campaign you are in. (Survival)
The zombies are made to be highly frightening and it is completely a horror game...

I have no idea how you could think this is not Survival Horror...
Left 4 Dead is the epitome of Survival Horror....

User Info: Fran_The_Viera

10 years ago#6
it is
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User Info: nijos007

10 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: viewmaster_pi

10 years ago#8
Left 4 Dead is a co-op action horror game

Yeah. /topic
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User Info: SteveGCB

10 years ago#9
In the game you are fighting your way to the rescue point and for survival.
GT: ChipSpudskin

User Info: dr_dagee

10 years ago#10
You are playing as one of 4 SURVIVORS trying to SURVIVE and onslaught of zombies in abandoned, dark, and maybe scary places. You win by SURVIVING a final wave of zombies before your rescue vehicle arrives.

Why don't we start the argument of glitch v. exploit again, if we're going to argue semantics?
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