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User Info: knucklessonic8

10 years ago#1
Has anyone given it a try and could offer some impressions/opinions? :)
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User Info: Gentleben

10 years ago#2
I just played wifi myself against 1 Japanese player. Was good fun. We played 3 different stages and while I only won 2 times then it was still enjoyable.

The instruction book says you can unlock more skins when playing people further away-Not sure if thats down to wins or the number of people you play.

User Info: tropireno

10 years ago#3
I haven't gotten a match on wifi yet. It seems not enough people have the game.
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User Info: kyoboy

10 years ago#4
About the matter of getting skins with other players, isn't it "when you eat players that are far away"? (as in, you turn into an elemental monster and, when you eat one of your rivals that is relatively far, a "got a new skin" message appears). That works in single player, as well.

User Info: cantrips

10 years ago#5
Come on guys, play more wifi! :D
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