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  3. This game is awesome

User Info: tropireno

10 years ago#1
I just got to playing this game the other day and I must say, its really fun.
Anyone else agree with me?
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User Info: DarkDjango

10 years ago#2
tottalytytottallytotal agreance !!! it's like katamari damashi a bit, don't you think ?? aww ... and they are soooooo cute :P

I just dow- euh ... got the game, and i might end buying it if i find it somewhere :D

User Info: Gibbeynator

10 years ago#3
This would be more awesome if you replace the dog with a hungry pregnant woman.

... what? It would.
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User Info: Tidus_91

10 years ago#4
I agree. Even though there isn't much variety in single player (but I do love the humour in the story), the game does have multiplayer. The gameplay is also rather addicting and deeper than I first thought.

I like it. It does what a portable game should do; entertain in short "bursts".
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  3. This game is awesome
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