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Yggdrasil1000 12 years ago#1
Whats the best way to do it?
neo_underwear 12 years ago#2
Fastest way? Let me think... umm... first master knight and wizard. Then get level to level 8 geomancer, samurai, ninja, and lancer. Oh, btw, don't forget to crystalize 20 enemies in the process.

Fine, sarcasm aside, I think the fastest way would have to be utilizing errands. If you run out of them, then equip JP Boost and be prepared to fight a lot of random battles. Yeah, I know this popped into your head but I just gotta mention it. About the crystalizing part, I suggest you get to level eight samurai first, then abuse Iado using the Wizard class. Go to Midlight Deep and fight the first dungeon. Hope you get all goblins and go for the gold. Seriously, there's no quick way for a Dark Night. All it takes is some patience and perseverance and hopefully you'll get to Dark Night without any swearing, murmuring, and your PSP still in one piece. Oh, and try soloing all battles you encounter with the desired unit. You'd be surprised at how quick JP is accumulated that way.
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jedi_watchman 12 years ago#3
One tip is to learn the -aja spells Blue Mage Style which will save you having to get 2700 JP with one character. Get one of each of them with your other party members via spill over JP.

Another tip is to pick up all black mage crystals with your would be Dark Night Character.

Mastering Knight is but I would do it after Black Mage since you'll have built up spillover.

You need level 8 Dragoon, Geomancer and Samurai as well and each of those takes some time. You can always have that character sit in one place each battle and use Focus over and over (more turns from no movement).

Good luck, it takes time and it's not really worth it considering how many overpowered story characters you already get. However, it is nice to have Ramza be able to fully compete with the powerhouse characters.

p.s. I wouldn't bother with more than one Dark Knight. You get Agrias, Cid, Meliadoul, and Beowulf for free. Then you have Balthier and Luso on top of it if you are ok with using them. IMO the Sword Arts kind of completely unbalance the game.
GhettoVCR 12 years ago#4
abuse spillover JP to get JP towards each required class fast
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billygoten 12 years ago#5
Gained JP Up / JP Boost, duh.

Auto level.

Level multiple characters at a time that are all gunning for DK (or at least the reqs for DK), so that they all throw spillover to each other in the same battle. You can usually split characters between Geo, Sam, Ninja, and Lancer, 2 and 2 (taking two battles). They should all reach level 8 in one battle if you're doing 1 damage on an enemy/enemies that have enough HP. You probably don't want to split characters between classes if you're working on BM, because of how much JP you need and the added speed of leveling everyone at the same time in BM.

After one characters learns the -ajas, pass the rest, if someone is short on JP after a leveling session.

Kills are simple, but end up being the biggest hassle, really, unless you've been using those characters in the normal game (I got DK for all my current file's humans and it was a pain getting the kills for newer characters or those that I hadn't used much - the others already had the 20 kills naturally).
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XxCrazyFerretxX 12 years ago#6
Abuse spillover JP. speed/power break all enemies, power break a black mage (also power broken)with dance as second ability, get to 50 speed, then using mincing minute is how I do it, probably more efficient ways though.
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Kandar888 12 years ago#7
I don't know if anyone has figured this out, but I've been playing FFT: WOTL for the past week + or so. I already have level 99 classes with almost every class mastered with my hero and I've only logged 45 hours. My easy way of obtaining JP is just equip fundaments (squire ability) as your second ability and just use "Focus" the whole time. I put my characters in a corner and just focus nonstop.

Having the knight class is awesome too because I kill all but one enemy and rend that enemy's speed to 01. Then ontop of all that I might use one character as a Time Mage to cast haste on my members as well. I'm not going to lie I've had almost 60-70 actions before the enemy gets ONE action. Lately, I've been in chapter 4 messing around and Ramza has the "Shout" ability. I just get his speed around 30-35, haste him and he's literally had 3 of 4 actions in a row. It's really easy to master any class with Ramza. I can get almost 5k JP in under 30 minutes.
Kandar888 12 years ago#8
Oh, just to add. By waiting all this time focusing it's really easy to get the 20 kills requirement for the DK.
krotoslol 12 years ago#9

From: Kandar888 | Posted: 3/19/2009 8:31:04 AM
Oh, just to add. By waiting all this time focusing it's really easy to get the 20 kills requirement for the DK.

You'd should get 20 kills by the end of the game. >_>
Serathus 12 years ago#10

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