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User Info: Citizen_Kanye

1 month ago#1
I've put in the AR code for the emulator, and I now have all the extra quests technically unlocked, but whenever I accept a quest and talk to the quest giver again, they just repeat the original dialogue and ask me to accept the quest again, and the quests never show up in my accepted quests list. Their name shows up in the extra quest slots, but it just says "You have not transgressed this quest" and I can't do anything about it. It's very annoying. Is it at all possible to fix this issue, or am I stuck with this forever? Do I just have to be satisfied with the fact that I beat the game and never touch this again?

To be clear, I put in the code correctly, since the quests are available in the first place, they just repeat the pre-acceptance dialogue forever and don't allow me to actually accept them. It's as if the quest immediately gets abandoned as soon as I finish the dialogue. Not only that, though, but it counts the quests as if I've accepted them in my slots, so I can have less and quests in my accepted list, and can't get rid of the other ones since they don't say I've accepted them, but they don't let me complete or abandon them since talking to the people just give me the "Will you accept my quest?" dialogue. I hate this so much, I'm about ready to just close out of all this entirely if there's no fix for this. I don't want to wipe all my progress and replay the entire game again just for a chance at accessing these again. I need help.

Edit: I've also found out that opening up the Select menu in the same room as an extra quest giver and then exiting the menu causes the extra quest giver to disappear completely. Is there no hope for this, or is there some possible way I can fix this?
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User Info: fatih361

1 month ago#2
Couldnt you just cheat the DLCs right there? Also check the codes properly.

User Info: Citizen_Kanye

1 month ago#3
fatih361 posted...
Couldnt you just cheat the DLCs right there? Also check the codes properly.
Again, the codes were copied and pasted, and still double checked. If the codes were wrong, the quests wouldn't show up altogether. And I've tried cheating the DLCs, turning the code off and on again, resetting the emulator, multiple save slots, nothing I've tried has worked.

User Info: yab

1 month ago#4
The "all quests" AR code is bugged and gives you these extra quests.
You could try using the save editor to fix things.

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