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User Info: CelWithOneL

1 month ago#1
Hello! I have been working on a side project as of late and I would like to share it with you all! In essence, I have managed to rip the game files of DQIX, take the maps of every area, and convert them using Unity/Blender into a virtual reality world built into VRChat. Sadly, I do not have all of the areas currently as I have been quite adamant on modeling the backs of every object and fixing glitches in the maps that normally you would not be able to see from top down. However, if you would like to see the current build of the world, it is available right now in VRChat and can be easily accessed by using this link:
If you would like to be kept more up to date on my progress, I tweet about the behind the scenes @CelWithOneL on twitter.

User Info: Citizen_Kanye

1 month ago#2
That's pretty cool. Unfortunately, I don't have a VR set, but if I did, I'd certainly check that out.
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