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  3. I am restarting the game again...what should I do to make my experience easier?

User Info: Guergy

8 months ago#1
Exactly what it says on the title, I am planning on restarting the game again as leveling up classes during the story portion of the game is time-consuming. I am going to restart the game but this time I am looking for some advice to make my game easier.

User Info: javajavajava

8 months ago#2
i've found that really investing into alchemy has made things easier, i've been doing as much alchemy as i can in my current playthrough and i haven't had to grind for levels once

User Info: Kibalnuzuka

8 months ago#3
I started playing again this week (postgame) after putting the game away for a few years. But I still remember having an easier time going through the story than my first time doing it. Hopefully these points of advice can help.

- Have a dedicated healer and damage dealer in your party (Priest/Warrior for example).

- If your warrior learns Psyche Up from the martial artist skilltree, and your main character uses Egg On on the warrior, you could reach 100 tension with 2 turns to output massive damage during boss fights. Even better if your warrior has a falcon blade (hit 2 times in 1 turn, and combined with falcon slash from the sword skill tree, 4 times in 1 turn).

- Know the grinding spots for metal slimes, metal slash is not really worth it. Putting 100 skill points into spears for every character will enable them to use Thunder Thrust (50% crit or 50% miss) regardless of their class, greatly speeding up grinding.

- Use Alchemy! Check every bookshelf for new recipes. To obtain the ingredients, I like to use Half Inch from the thief skilltree with all 4 characters on monsters to quickly gather them. If one of your characters has the thief skill Eye For Trouble, and uses that during the battle, it will tell you all the common/rare drops for that monster in the bestiary after that battle. Evencloth from Ragged Reapers, and Nectar from Pink Sanguinis for example. Other ingredients may be readily bought from shops, like lower-end equipment.

- Aim to get 100 skill points into shield skill for every character during the story. Towards the endgame it will be useful to completely block some powerful attacks. It will also enable some classes that cant initially equip shields to do it later, like martial artist.

Hope this helps!
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User Info: Sir_Chasm

8 months ago#4
I'm late to the party as usual but maybe it'll help the next guy that comes along:

Use items. A common sticking point for people is Leviathan, because he keeps spamming his AOE and their healer can't keep up. Just munch on some leaves until the RNG calms down. If only there was a nice lady in Port Llaffan to remind you about Alchemized medicine...

Tension works on spells. Post game you'll likely be too busy Falcon Slashing to care but many storyline bosses are weak to Mage elements.

A skill that is useless at lvl99 but doubles your damage at lvl5 is not useless. Making the game twice as hard now to save 15 minutes of grinding later is counterproductive. Throw Stone/Propeller Blade/Hot Lick come to mind.

Swords get all the hype due to post-game potential, but are nothing special for most of the storyline. Fans are underrated.

Don't grind if you don't have to. There are enough grind inducing quests that you shouldn't need to do extra grinding in between. This includes Metal hunting and drop farming. Save it for the post game.

Alchemy can be very powerful. It can also be a colossal waste of time. The Black Tortoise Fan you can craft pre-Tower of Trades is a significant upgrade and not available anywhere else. The Fur Vest is a strong armor for Male characters. The Agility Ring that uses up rare materials in Bloomingdale will be a common drop as soon as you leave Bloomingdale.

Most Gigasteel equipment can be crafted as early as Newid. The Axe is the best choice, followed by the Sword. The Whip is decent but can't be crafted until Gleeba. The Claw will be outclassed shortly and the Staff can't be crafted until Bloomingdale at which point you might as well hold out for post-ship options. The Fan is garbage. The Armor will be outclassed by Platinum, but the Shield is better. The helm is a tie and can be equipped by more vocations. The other pieces are roughly equivalent to Bloomingdale gear.

Try not to get lost to Alchemy when you get the ship. If you spend too much time chasing materials you'll end up backtracking a lot and getting rewards you don't need when you start doing Weapon/Vocation Quests. It also trivializes the rest of the game. The Dragon Warrior armor is kind of a let down when you've farmed a full set of ethereal gear already. Plot first, farm later. Besides, if you're taking too long to finish the flappin' game Stella will have something to say about it.

There is a girl in Swinedimples with a repeatable quest to turn Royal Soil into Thunderballs. Because you got lost to Alchemy when you got the ship.

Axes also have a Crit/Miss Skill. Axes are entirely STR reliant. Spears offer more utility for low STR vocations.

Your Gladiator and Priest should learn Axe/Spear ASAP, but sitting on SP until you have 100 to get Spears on a Mage is more of a post-game thing. You shouldn't be grinding much until then anyways.

Instagib weapons and skills work on Metals. A Poison Needle has a lower success rate than Thunder Thrust, but a Mage can use one with 0 skill investment. Assassin Stab + Assassin Dagger gives a 25% chance of killing most enemies outright, and is the best a Mage can do without an omni weapon. That's 50% of the effectiveness of a Crit/Miss skill at 58% of the investment, but with immediate returns.

Multi-hit skills are also reasonably effective. Have a Ball gives the most hits. Flailing Nails and Multi-fists are 0MP.

User Info: Dekadense

7 months ago#5
Max out Virtue from Paladin to get a ton of Resilience.
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