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  3. What would you like to see in a remake ?

User Info: Charmander75

7 months ago#1
Just wondering .
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User Info: gamemaster712

7 months ago#2
Easier mks farming for levels
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User Info: cyanidesky

7 months ago#3
Balance. Make all weapons viable on main game and post game.
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User Info: Charmander75

7 months ago#4
I would like to keep spells once you learn them like in DQ3
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User Info: ShiryuChaos

7 months ago#5
1) More classes and more post game bosses
2) possibility of monster catching / having non-humans in the team! HACKASAURUSSSS
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User Info: Thard_Verad

7 months ago#6
A viable Luminary build.
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User Info: Gradis

6 months ago#7
+ Online Multiplayer Functionality
+ New grotto themes rather than the 5 currently.
+ Higher treasure map limit
+ New / More Quests (other than the normal + DLC).
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User Info: zorrah

5 months ago#8
Honestly, more of a fan of, the remake would make less use of the online features. The real killer for this game for me is that a huge percentage of post game is just lost because it was tied to the online, so when the online went, so did all this great stuff. Now, what I would like?

A complete release remake. Once you own the game, no need to get online to get the full story. Sellma's features can be tied to game time or real time, so you don't connect to get her daily store change, just read the timestamps, depending on how they want to do it.

I'm down for a robust online multiplayer and even online map sharing. I just don't want the story content (even post game stuff) gated behind something that they take offline in a couple years, like what's already been done (I know I can PRA and get it, but it's annoying and should have never been a part of it).

User Info: MelonGx

5 months ago#9
1) To limit DQ9 Remake's grotto to Seed 8000-FFFF ones. (DS DQ9 has only 0000-7FFF ones)
2) Available to transfer grottoes between DS DQ9 and DQ9 Remake each other.
3) Add a quest to obtain Masayuki & Kawasaki Locker map in-game.
4) Do not change mechanical things of DQ9 grotto.

5) Expand post-game story.
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(edited 5 months ago)

User Info: Throeaway

5 months ago#10
I'll probably make this one post and update it whenever I think of something new otherwise I'd end up spamming.
In no particular order, I would like:

• Multiple save files/slots
• Gringham whip tree to carry its hit all attribute to whip abilities
• Halberd to be able to use axe abilities as well as spear, or at least change its description so that the fact it can't use axe abilities doesn't look so dumb
• Flavour text proofread to fix mistakes like Celestria in Nodoph's defeated monster list entry
• More transparency on equipment attributes, most importantly exact elemental resistances – being told only occasionally that equipment staves of fire and ice attacks (example) and not even to what extent is not good enough
• Legacy content enhanced to include major bosses that have been introduced since IX's original release
• Eliminate dependence on an unreliable online service for the full game experience.
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  3. What would you like to see in a remake ?
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