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  3. Playing this game for the first time in 5 or 6 years.

User Info: gamerman57

2 months ago#1
Yeah, I started one of my back up copies over and I'm having a lot of fun with this. I forgot how much fun it is. I just finished Gleeba and I might stop and grind up some gold to upgrade my gear.

I want to use some of the same gear that I used for my very first playthrough for fun. Towards the end my Hero had an Inferno Sword and then Erdricks Sword, my Priest had the Storm Spear, my mage had the Scourge Whip (lol) and my Thief had the Combusticlaws. I only remember this because I found the papers Iwrote the recipes down on and because it was a nightmare getting the necessary ingredients.

The main difference will be my characters will have different classes. This time I want to run Gladiator, Paladin, Sage, and Ranger. This means that my Mage and Thief will need to master Whips and Claws, respectively. And yes, I am aware that Sage is unlocked very late.

User Info: orangeumbreon23

2 months ago#2
I did a solo run about a year and a half ago I think, that was fun. Thinking about restarting that file since I have three copies and this one doesn't have any of the bonus stuff. I just don't know what kind of team I would want.
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User Info: gamerman57

2 months ago#3
After taking a bit of a break to finish up Builders 2, I made it through Batsureg and now I'm just starting Swinedimples.

I did a solo run once. I had gave myself some crazy restrictions and it was super hard. I got rid of the restrictions at one point and eventually gave up around Gitt palace or whatever its called. I actually think the worst boss for me was Ragin' Contagion. He too way too long to beat

User Info: gamerman57

2 months ago#4
I'm in Swinedimples and some of my charactes still are mainly equiped with Iron gear. I think its time for some upgrades lol.

User Info: gamerman57

2 months ago#5
Here is my characters gear:

Hero: Lv 22 Warrior
Gigasteel Broadsword
Magic Shield
Slime Crown
Swinedimples Blazer
Iron Gauntlets
White Tights
Iron Sabatons
Strength Ring

Skill points: These mainly went into shields so when I switch to Gladiator, I can wear them

Priest Lv 24
Holy Lance
Magic Shield
Mercury's Bandana
Magical Robes
Magic Mittens
Magical Skirt
High Heels
Agility Ring

Skill points: These are balanced between Spear and Shield. This is the character that will be changing into a Paladin later on and Paladin has both Spear and Shield

Mage Lv 23
Battle Whip
Platinum Shield
Fizzle-resistant Blouse
Leather Gauntlets
Magical Skirt
Dragon Scale

Skill points: These are getting dumped into Whips so she can use them as a Sage.

Thief: Lv 24
Crows Claws
Iron Helmet
Fur Vest
Silver Bracelets
Nicker's Knickers
Pink Pearl

Skill Points: Claws so the Ranger can use them.

So yeah, my equipment is kinda weird, but so far its working so I might just stick with it for now actually. I'm sure there are some good upgrades available through Alchemy though.

User Info: gamerman57

1 month ago#6
Well, I should have grinded a bit more or at least upgraded my gear for the Dreadmaster, but I made it through anyway. Only my Soldier and Priest survived and it was actually kind of a tedious battle. Once I get to Upover, I'm gonna overhaul my gear. I'll do what I can to survive Gadrongo and the Blowhole though.

User Info: Thard_Verad

1 month ago#7

I like my Priest to use Ethereal Armor, rather than the robes. But if your Priest will change to Paladin, I guess the robes are fine. Pally's natural resilience makes up for the difference in defense, and the robes give better elemental protection than the armor.

Magic Armor/robe/shield/mitten + Enchanted Stone = Enchanted gear
Enchanted gear + Ethereal Stone = Ethereal gear

Classes that CAN use Shields can safely stop once they get the third block rate bonus. The last few skills are luxury options. On the same subject, if you spend time grinding four classes from level 1 to level 15, that will give you enough SP to master any single skill. You might want to do that for your would-be Ranger so he can use shields too.

The same process that got your Gigasteel sword can also be used on the hero's other iron equipment.

I prefer shoes with evasion bonuses instead of defense.
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User Info: gamerman57

1 month ago#8
Aren't Ethereal Gloves some of the best in the game because of the resistances they have?

I just went around and gathered a bunch of alchemy ingredients. I know its better to steal, but kinda annoying mid-game. I usually save it for post-game

User Info: Thard_Verad

1 month ago#9
It's true that Ethereal Gloves offer great elemental resistances, but given the limited number of Enchanted and Ethereal Stones available in-game, I say get the armor or robe first. Wait until you go Grotto diving to get the gloves.

From boss fights alone, you're guaranteed one of each stone. Maybe a second Enchanted. That means you can choose any one piece of Ethereal gear for someone.

It's entirely possible to beat the game without grinding levels or farming items. I should know, I did it a few years ago. The catch is knowing how to spend SP. ;)
"Many in harmony surpass one in perfection." - Guildmaster, Etrian Odyssey II

User Info: gamerman57

1 month ago#10
I still don't know why The Bowhole has Mimics in it. Time to avoid all blue chests for the rest of the game /s

Anyway, I beat Gadrongo and made it to Upover. Now is a good time to make all my gear I guess, or well, start to anyway. I'm only focusing on weapons now, armor will wait at least a bit.

For my Hero's Inferno Blade I need:
1 Fire Blade (I'm making this too to save money)
1 Sunstone
3 Rockbomb Shards

for the Fire blade I need:
1 Valkyre Sword
3 Lava Lumps
1 Rockbomb Shard

For my Priest/Paladin's Storm Spear I need:
1 Lightning Lance
5 Thunderballs
1 Gold bar

for the Lightning Lance:
1 Celestial Spear
3 Thunderballs
1 Mythril Ore

The Mage/Sage's Scourge Whip needs
1 Iron Whip
1 Terrible Tattoo
3 Wing of Bat

That makes the Demon Whip which I turn into the Archdemon Whip with:
2 Terrible Tattoos
1 Malicite
1 Archdemon Whip

After that I just purify it with Saint's Ashes. Easy.

For my Thief/Ranger's Combusticlaws the recipes are basically the same as the Inferno Blade
1 Fire Claw
1 Sunstone
3 Rockbomb Shards

and the Fire Claw
1 Dragon Claw
3 Lava Lumps
1 Rockbomb shard

For the items that are used in the recipes

2 Lucida Shards
3 Mirrorstone
1 Hephaestus's Flame

1 Pink Pearl
2 Terrible Tattoo
3 Narspicious

Thankfully the Gold Bar isn't gonna be a problem since I only need one and I got it from a chest already.

Ugh, this is gonna suck. I don't even want to count the total items I'm gonna need. Well, time to get started I guess. I'm also gonna buy or make a Dragonsbane or Dragon Slayer. Its gonna be handy for a couple upcoming boss fights. Do the regular Dragon Claws have the same effect as the Dragonsbane/Dragon Slayer? I know the "ultimate" claws that you can only get from S-rank chests in grottoes do, but what about the regular Dragon Claws
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  3. Playing this game for the first time in 5 or 6 years.
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