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Ninjabiff 2 months ago#241
It's been posted many times before lol but considering how long this is getting it doesn't hurt to post it again.
You'll need to use an american rom of dq9 and deltapatcher to apply the patch.

KevinReconAlpha 2 months ago#242
Dreamtrain posted...
Hi just want to say how awesome that you've pulled this off i've seen rebalance patches for other RPGs and have always wished there were any for the DQ games, I can only imagine how much better for example DQ6 would be if the Thief/Beastmaster -> Ranger path was actually useful (they're unusable), or things like if one could swap vignettes in DQ7 making Dharma/Alltrades happen a scenario sooner but I digress, I have a question about this patch, there's a lot of pages to go over so I'm not sure what has been added 100%, what are the changes to thief and critical chance/deftness? I remember the scaling was really low even when you had full deftness bonuses + critical fan you'd still get a really low chance making Thief/Ranger not very useful.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks! I didn't alter base criticals, but I did give Thieves more deftness and I increased the bonus provided by certain weapons (including fans and daggers) so the overall chance to crit is higher. Arguably more importantly, Thieves are now the best actual thieves, while Rangers are more effective as fighters and are therefore more of a versatile hybrid. Knives can also poison bosses, making them a lot less terrible than they were.

Scarlett_F3V3R posted...
Don't know if this is still an active patch or not, been looking for something like this for years and this looks super promising! If anyone could point me in the direction of how to get my hands on it since I can't seem to contact the creator, I'd be super grateful

The patch is on my website -
It's not really being actively developed at the moment, but I do have a couple of tweaks that are in my queue to fix so look for that soon. The good thing is that it is basically not possible to corrupt a save game due by applying a patch due to the structure of the rom, so don't worry about losing progress if you want to give it a go.
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Hinds123 2 months ago#243
Just fought the Equinox from the default treasure map you get from completing the quest at Zere Rock, and I killed it with one hit despite only doing around 60 damage haha. I’d imagine this is the same for all Equinox fights, so could be a bit of an issue. I’m using the patch from your website which i’m assuming is the latest version of it.
KevinReconAlpha 1 week ago#244
Alright folks I'm working on this again. In my bug reports i only have a couple of things - Rangers missing healmore and Equinox at very low HP. Please post anything else you've observed and i'll push out an update in the next week or so!
KevinReconAlpha 1 week ago#245
I updated the patch on my site (using a sendbig link) that fixes Rangers not learning Moreheal and Equinox having 1 HP. I'm going doing a general review on bosses, spell lists, etc. so please send me any other info/feedback you have.

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