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User Info: Liamland

5 years ago#1
Would you buy DQIX again if it were re-released to 3DS as a downloadable game? - Results (102 votes)
No Thanks, the DS version is fine.
30.39% (31 votes)
Only if they resolved the common DLC/Server concerns.
49.02% (50 votes)
Yes, definitely!
20.59% (21 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I've been thinking about this topic, since the mention of the server being shut-down. I think it would be a fantastic move on several levels.

The first being: it resolves (at least temporarily) the DLC concerns, the need for a permanent server. They either build the entire DQVC into the game content (rather than a server download), or they extend the life of the server to support the "newest 3DS version."

The second: Imagine street-passing for unique Inn tags, instead of in-game-tagging 30 uniques. That's a serious upgrade. They could raise the stakes on the number of uniques and make it 100 Street-Pass-Uniques for a full inn upgrade and it would still be easier to reach than 30 in-game-uniques--considering most people don't leave their DQIX in canvasse mode, walking around. But if you Street-Pass with a downloaded game then it's always available to pick up tags from others who have also downloaded it.

Thirdly: the ability to Street-Pass with the 3DS while you're playing DQIX. Don't miss out on your 3DS Street Passes because you're in a DS game being played on a 3DS.

Curious to see people's thoughts on this as a concept and the results of the poll.

User Info: behindtheword

5 years ago#2
They can't extend the life of the server Liam. That's one problem. They would have to either rehire the same company and sign a new contract, which would be for all DS/Wii games that are going to be shut down, or take up the server themselves and run all of it inhouse, which is doubtful because they're older games.

However, I support this only if they your first option would be done: restructuring the code so DLC is actually handled "offline", but simply triggers at particular points in the game, or the same system as now but with the unlocks designed to self-trigger for all DLC quests/guests after the first "talk" with Sellma without ever having to connect to a server, and the DQVC is run entirely in-game.
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User Info: randomguy274

5 years ago#3
Or the extra quests get unlocked after recieving post game vehicle.
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User Info: Barrylocke89

5 years ago#4
I'd certainly appreciate the Canvas/Tag Mode being integrated in the StreetPass system. This isn't Japan where everybody and their mother is actively playing this game, and even if it was, as time goes by people will move on to some other game. StreetPass lets you keep the fun of tagging other players while also letting you play other games.

Thanks to it being handled by the system instead of the game (as well as the system letting you track multiple games worth of StreetPass data), I've even gotten a few tags from games like SMT:Soul Hackers where I know hardly anyone is actively playing it anymore. Now all I have to do is log the StreetPass into my game when I decide to play it. I'd certainly consider rebuying the game to get access to that.

If a future game does map trading and such like this one does, it would also likely lead to Square being less likely to have content only available online. IIRC, the whole point of that was to keep people playing the game for long periods of time (with the timed shops and DLC quests initially being released at set intervals) and engineer a national experience for its Japanese consumers. Perhaps knowing that they're always trading maps even if they don't actually play will help to fill that purpose, and Square would feel less of a need to rely on servers for single player content.

User Info: x_loto

5 years ago#5
I would definitely buy this again if it were enhanced for 3DS features (even if it were still in 2D). StreetPass would help this game tremendously. Having even one extra save slot available would be a boon, too, but 3DS saves can be backed up and restored so that's not even really an issue.
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User Info: gamerman57

5 years ago#6
I'd like a 3DS version with:

-3DS Features (StreetPass, 3D, etc)
-Enhanced graphics
-Online Multiplayer
-Hero/Celestrian Class (Hero only and it comes with ZAP)
-MAYBE the Dragon and Liquid Metal Slimeclasses from DQVI. Maybe...

-Possibly integrate a calendar system with a weekly shop for those without an internet connection. It would essentially be an offline DQVC. Actually, the 3DS has its own date and time thing, why not use that?

-Make it so you can now upgrade your Inn on your own if you lack the means to get tags/StreetPasses, BUT you can still do it with tags if you want. (Think remodeling your house in Animal Crossing. You can give your money Erinn, and she sets it aside for renovations. When you give enough to her, the Inn closes for a few ingame days and when it opens it is remodeled. The only difference between tags and paying, is the tag method is free and you can interact with the tagged guests. The current method is beyond stupid. I had to buy a second copy and tag my self 30 times to upgrade my inn. Sure tagging works in Japan or maybe in large cities over here, but anywhere else? Nope.

-Zenithian/Dragovian/Pandemonium Armor. (These armor sets are awesome. Why aren't they in the game now?)

-More grotto types. The five types we have get old pretty fast. Maybe something like a mine or a forest or a dungeon or something for more variety.

-Less palette swaps on post game/grotto bosses. I am looking right at you Tyrannosaurus Wrecks. I don't mind when one regular monster is a palette swap of another, or when a regular monster is a palette swap of a boss, but when one boss is a palette swap of another boss, that is just plain lazy. IMO, It is only acceptable when the bosses are related (twins, father/son, etc). Gracos/Gracos V is fine. Master of Nu'un/Yore/Tyrannosaurus Wrecks is not fine. Strangely Nokturnus and Dhuran doesn't bother me. But I digress...

-All post game/DLC quests are unlocked after the completion of quest 39 Follow That Fish.This is the one where you refight Lleviathan and get Sterling's Whistle. This way, everyone gets the quests and no one is locked out if they don't have a WiFi compatible internet connection.

- A CASINO OR PACHISI/T'N'T BOARD. These are super fun. I see absolutely no reason they can't be in this game. NONE.

Whew. Thats actually quite a bit.

User Info: nfrazee28

5 years ago#7
And with that, Gamerman, you've fixed DQ9 for all time. Horii should give you a consultation stipend when each and every one of these things is added to this hypothetical 3DS re-working.
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User Info: yab

5 years ago#8
They don't have the overpowered classes like Hero since everyone would be using that in multiplayer

Although I would like to see more done with the grotto system, for all the time you spend in there it gets boring fast.

User Info: gamerman57

5 years ago#9
Oh. Good point Yab. They would have to be balanced.

Maybe I should email this to Horii lol. I would have to explain how Nintendo shutting down the WiFi would lock any new players out of a lot of content and bringing this to the 3DS would fix that along with fixing up some problems and generally improving the game without changing too much.

Does he even speak English though? Or would I have to send it in Japanese?

User Info: x_loto

5 years ago#10
I'm sure if he received an email in English, if he couldn't read it he knows people who can. ^_^
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